As a University of Chester student, your safety is extremely important to us.

Please ensure you wear your lanyard which displays your student ID at all times when you are on any of our sites. This helps us to keep our sites safe and secure.  

Security Team   

Our Security team is your first port of call for help and emergency support contact outside of the normal opening hours (9am-5.30pm).    

The team work on a rota basis to provide a 24/7 service, 365 days of the year. This means they can provide a safe and secure environment at our sites for everyone.

Chester: 01244 511541  

UCW: 01925 534374  

Creative Campus Kingsway: 01244 515876  

Queen’s Park: 01244 511910  

Wheeler: 01244 512600  

UCB: 01925 534086

UCS: 01743 297185 

Hollie Guard App 

All students have free access to the personal safety app Hollie Guard. 

The Hollie Guard app has many useful features, including: 

Alert – Pressing the alert button sets off an alert and activates your phone’s camera, sending a message and recording to your emergency contacts. 

Meeting Timer – If you feel like you’re entering a potentially dangerous situation, you can set a timer which will countdown until you deactivate it. If you don’t, it will raise an alert. 

Journey – You can set a start and end point for your journey. The app will then monitor your journey and alert your contacts when you arrive or if you raise an alarm. 

Download the app now:  


Report a Concern  

If you or someone you know has experienced or witnessed unacceptable behaviour such as harassment, discrimination, sexual assault, abuse, bullying or hate crime you can report it via our Report a Concern service.

All students, staff, visitors and employers can report using this tool. You can report an incident wherever it has occurred, for example off campus, during a placement and in the workplace:

You can also email: 

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