Enjoy a night out on a Wednesday? 

Between assignments, sports matches and society events, we know going out on a Wednesday night can be a great way to let off steam or destress. 

With that in mind we just wanted to share our top tips to ensure you all get back home safely. 

Be Safe

Look out for each other and make sure everyone gets home safely. Stick to well-lit, mainstream roads and, where possible, take a route home away from any water. Ensure you walk home with friends and never walk alone.  

Don’t forget; we also work with local taxi companies to get you home safely if you feel like you’re in danger and have no way to pay. Find out more. 

And all students also have free access to the personal safety Hollie Guard app

Be Responsible

Don’t overdo it. Remember to be responsible for yourself and your friends, especially when it concerns alcohol and never force yourself or others to drink beyond what they want to. Also be respectful if others don’t want to drink alcohol at all – and NEVER spike their drink or trick them into drinking more than they believe they are – this is a criminal offence. 

Be Respectful

Respect yourself, each other and your neighbours. Try and keep noise levels to a minimum and be mindful that some of your flatmates or our neighbours in the wider community are already asleep and may need to be up early in the morning. 

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