Many of us strive to stand out from the crowd. Others aren’t given the choice – and it can either drive or define us.

Following a welcome to the Diversity Festival 2023 from the University’s Vice Chancellor Professor Eunice Simmons, we are delighted to welcome Alex Staniforth to launch the Festival.

Alex Staniforth is no stranger to overcoming adversity. At 27, he has already survived the two biggest disasters in Mount Everest history as a teenager. But his biggest challenges have been much closer to home in Kelsall, suffering with childhood epilepsy, bullying, a lifelong stammer and mental ill health – anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Now he is a record-breaking adventurer, motivational speaker and author committed to helping others to overcome their own challenges. In 2020 he founded Mind Over Mountains, a charity restoring mental health through nature.

The University of Chester is so excited to welcome Alex to launch our 2023 Festival. The Festival’s theme is ‘Action for Change’, which focuses on the actions we can all take to make meaningful changes to inclusion and belonging. Throughout the festival, participants will be inspired by our diverse range of speakers, all of whom have really taken action for change – however big or small – and Alex certainly embodies this theme!

Through his adventures at home and the Himalayas, join Alex to explore the opportunities in adversity, how to build your own Sherpa team and take the first step towards positive change.

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