Did you know you can access the free streaming service Kanopy and Box of Broadcasts to access recordings from lots of different TV channels without needing a TV licence?

Our Learning and Information Services team have come up with some great money saving tips to save you cash each time you use our libraries – plus you can even use some of our free services off-site too!

  1. Can’t get hold of a resource you need? Request it for free through our On Demand service. We can source many journal articles and book chapters as well as books and eBooks so check with us before you part with your cash.
  2. Download the Libby app to access our free collections of wellbeing and leisure reading eBooks and audiobooks, including lots of new releases and best sellers.
  3. Check out our book swaps – many of our libraries have book swaps in place where you can exchange books you’ve finished for something preloved.
  4. Avoid pricey subscriptions – use our free streaming service Kanopy and television database Box of Broadcasts, to access a range of movies, radio programmes and television. With Box of broadcasts you can watch recordings from BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Four, ITV, Channel 4, Film4 and more without needing to pay for a TV licence.
  5. Get familiar with your module eLibraries. You can access an eLibrary for each module through Moodle, containing your module reading list (with eBooks where possible) and extra resources such as scanned chapters and useful links.
  6. Borrow equipment from the library instead of buying it! Our loanable collection includes dictaphones, digital cameras and camcorders and other AV equipment, along with a range of chargers and cables. You can also borrow assistive equipment to make working easier, including ergonomic supports, laptop risers and magnifiers.
  7. Access free newspapers (both regional and national) through our Lexis Library subscription.
  8. Remember that the library provides 24/7 access to computers, laptops and WiFi, free of charge.

For more information about any of these services please visit the library pages on Portal or contact the LIS ServiceNow Portal.

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