Term two not going as you hoped or not enjoying it as much as you expected?

Don’t panic – lots of students actually find term two tougher than term one for lots of reasons – and this is known as the “second term blues”.

Once the buzz of Welcome Week is over, friendships groups have changed and the workload from your course has stepped up, it can be easy to question whether you’ve made the right decision and if university is the right option for you.

As mentioned, second term blues are pretty common (particularly when you factor in the cold and dark mornings) and tend to go away on their own but there are some things you can do to manage them effectively.

Check out these top tips from Student Space:

Coming back to reality

For first years in particular, the first term can be scary but it is also exciting. That excitement can help to power you through. Having settled into university, it may not seem quite as exciting now – but many of the challenges of the first term still exist.

Accepting this as normal can reduce the impact it has on you. Remind yourself that many students go through this, that it will go away and that your experiences of being a student will help you. You got through the first term – you can do this.

It may help if you can stay active (check out our free Active Campus sessions and free fitness classes) and create good routines and structures for each day. Be proactive in taking care of your wellbeing and try to plan some fun into each week.

Changes in friends

Friendship groups at university often move around at the beginning and end of term. People you were close to may drift away, while other people become more important to you. You might feel that the friendships you made in the first term don’t feel quite as good now. Or you may feel you haven’t made any friends yet and are worried about being isolated.

This is a natural part of university life but it can cause some people to feel upset or worried.

Keep trying new things and creating opportunities to make new friends. No matter how much you did or didn’t do in the first term, you’ll still benefit from meeting new people. Remember, because lots of friendship groups move around they aren’t as closed to new people as they might first appear. People are usually happy to make a new friend.

Consider joining some CSU societies, inviting a course mate for coffee or finding new friends via the Umii app.

Academic challenges

You may not be doing as well academically as you’d hoped, or you may be worried about future academic assessments or modules.

If you are concerned about your academic performance, use the support available to you. Check in with your PAT or schedule an appointment with our Academic Skills Advisors.

It’s dark and cold

Lack of sunlight and cold weather can have a real impact on your mood.

Try to get outside in daylight for 20-30 minutes most days, even if it is gloomy outside. Exercising outside can also help raise your mood – even a brisk walk may improve how you feel.

Don’t forget – all students have access to a range of Wellbeing and Mental Health support, including our 24/7 Student Assistance Programme.

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