Working while studying is a great option for many reasons – it boosts your bank balance, adds a spark to your CV and helps you develop valuable skills that will impress future employers.

But we know it can be a tricky juggling act – and we know lots of you are concerned about this. Nearly 30% of you told us you were worried about balancing your studies with other commitments in our latest All-student Survey.

To help, we’ve rounded up our top tips to help you stay in control and balance your work and lectures effectively:

Prioritise your studies

When you’re looking for work, focus on what days you’ll be working, how long the shifts are, and how it fits around your lectures.

While it might be tempting to grab as many hours as possible, aim to work for 15 hours or less each week. This ensures you earn some extra cash without compromising the standard of your work.

Budget, budget, budget!

Budgeting is the key to understanding if you have a surplus or a shortfall each month. Download our budget planner here to get started.

If you find yourself with a surplus, you have the freedom to spend (or better yet, save!). If you have a shortfall, you can use this as a guide to how many hours you need to work to balance your books.

If you’re still short after working your 15 hours, head to our Portal page here to learn more about the support we can offer, including tips on managing your money, and information about our Student Support Fund.

Talk to your employer

Having open communication with your employer is vital to striking a good balance between work and study.

If you have looming essay deadlines or worse still, exams, let them know well in advance that you need to reduce or change your working hours. This way, they can plan ahead and try to accommodate your request.

Take care of yourself

Balancing work and study can take a while to get right, so it’s important to look after yourself. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat nutritious meals, and regularly exercise.

Avoid overloading your schedule and know your limits. Maintaining your mental and physical wellbeing is essential for productivity and long-term success.

Be sure to check out the support our Careers and Employability team can offer here, and for any money queries or budgeting advice, contact

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