We’re pleased to announce we have a brand-new team of Student Race Advocates.  

Student Race Advocates are Black, Asian or other ethnically diverse students from a range of courses and levels who are employed by the University to actively support and promote the needs of Black, Asian and other ethnically diverse students.

They achieve this through contributing to many aspects of the University’s work, ensuring excellent service delivery across the University and ensuring fair representation and treatment of all students.

Click here to find out more about the work of our Race Advocates or read on to meet our new team of advocates:

Masuma Akter


I’m Masuma and I’m so excited to be a Race Advocate for UoC. I’m from Bangladesh but born and raised in the UAE. A fun fact about me is that I can speak four languages. I’m always up for you to share advice or if you just want to make a new friend.

Judy Najjar

Nutrition and Dietetics

I’m Judy, a first year Nutrition and Dietetics student from Manchester but my family is originally from Syria. I’m passionate about embroidery and my goal is to bring positive changes for the Middle Eastern and Muslim minority by listening to my peers and their suggestions. If you have any questions or want to discuss ways to make a difference, feel free to reach out.

Juber Parande

Digital Marketing

I’m currently navigating the realms of Digital Marketing as a Masters student, representing the vibrant tapestry of India. I am thrilled to be part of this team. As a Race Advocate, I want to empower students through advocacy and community building. Let’s work together to ensure every student’s journey is filled with support, understanding and a true sense of belonging.

Yuki Chin

Marketing Management

I’m a Malaysian student and a volunteer advocate. I’m keen to work with everyone for an inclusive environment, but hit me up if you’d also like a casual chat or want to make a new buddy. Fun fact – rearranging the fridge is therapeutic for me.

Thisanda Ayuka


I’m a second year Physics undergraduate from Sri Lanka. I’m passionate about improving the international student experience and also the overall student experience of all students in the BAME community. I’m also passionate about making the University more inclusive for everyone.

Tamirah Bass-Grant


I’m a home student originally from Leeds and I’ve been an advocate twice now – in 2020 and 2021. The reason I wanted to continue is because it feels very fulfilling to do work that creates an environment where all students from all backgrounds can feel welcome and as though they have that place and that visibility in the University – and to solidify that for many years to come. A fun fact about me is that I done a TED talk.

Elphas Ambunya Amakalu

Public Health

I want to champion diversity and unity. Hailing form Kenya and being a first time international student I am open to sharing valuable insight and advice to fellow students. I am passionate about creating an inclusive campus environment that celebrates our unique culture. Let’s connect and create a more unified community. Our diversity is our strength.

You can get in touch with the Student Race Advocates:

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