Receive your exclusive invitation to our ‘Make a Difference’ Celebration Event! Complete the first level of the Chester Difference Award before the 12 April to receive an invitation to the event.  

Visit your CDA Progress Page, log your activities and answer the questions to two sections. Once you have completed two sections, you will have achieved the first level of the award and will receive an invitation to the Celebration Event.  

If you have any questions you can email or book an appointment to speak with one of the team, or to find out more about the CDA, please visit our CDA Homepage

Testimonials From CDA Awardees

Here’s what Esther Oluwabiyi has to say on how the CDA has impacted her confidence when articulating her skills and experiences to potential employers:

Before completing the CDA, I struggled to effectively communicate my strengths and achievements in a way that would make me stand out in a competitive job market. However, the CDA provided me with a structured framework to reflect on my experiences and identify my transferable skills, which has been invaluable in boosting my confidence during interviews.  It has helped me to demonstrate my ability to take initiative, work independently, and manage my time effectively, which are all qualities that employers value. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the CDA program and would highly recommend it to others seeking to enhance their career prospects and personal development.

Esther Oluwabiyi
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