Whether you live in UoC accommodation, live at home, or live in private accommodation, having good relationships with your neighbours can make a big difference to your university experience. 

Check out our Dos and Don’ts for your time at the University:  


Say hello and strike up conversation with your neighbours. Most will be happy to chat and will appreciate you taking the time to reach out. 

Remember not everyone will be on your schedule. Some of your neighbours will have families and full-time jobs so might not appreciate a karaoke session in your house at 3am.  

Get involved. Neighbourhoods like the Garden Quarter hold regular events like community meetings and street parties – why not get involved and build some connections?  

Treat your neighbours with respect. Remember, you’re representing the University, so we ask you to please treat your neighbours with compassion and courtesy.  


Be afraid to ask. If you want to have a party, have a conversation with your neighbours about it, agree a time for the party to finish – and stick to it! 

Disrespect your neighbourhood. You may only be living in your student house for a year, but your neighbours probably have mortgages and live there full-time. Simple things like remembering to put your bins in and out, entering your house quietly after a night out – and respecting boundary lines can make all the difference.  

Think your behaviour will go unnoticed. The University has close links to our local communities and residents can report inappropriate student behaviour to the Proctor’s Office. This behaviour will then be investigated and could lead to disciplinary procedures if appropriate. 

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