Did you leave us a comment regarding Communications as part of our All-Student Survey in October 2023?

Take a look at the responses from our team in response to your student voice.

Easier access to information on student support

We work hard to try and ensure information on a range of student support services is easy to find and accessible for all students. We currently share information on services including Wellbeing and Mental Health, Security and Chaplaincy. This information is up to date and includes useful contact details for each department. Details are currently shared via:

  • The mobile app
  • The Student Shout Out platform: https://shoutout.chester.ac.uk/support-and-opportunities/
  • The Student Shout Out newsletter – sent to all students every Monday
  • Student Shout Out social media channels: @uocshoutout
  • Digital screens and posters across our university sites

Going forwards we will work closer with academic colleagues to ensure information is shared locally with you.

We are always happy to hear ideas on how best to share information so please do email us at shoutout@chester.ac.uk

Better promotion of events

We work with colleagues across the university to help promote events and the best way to find up to date information is on the Shout Out platform ‘events section’. We also use the following channels:

  • The mobile app
  • The Student Shout Out platform: https://shoutout.chester.ac.uk/events/
  • The Student Shout Out newsletter – sent to all students every Monday with a highlight section on events
  • Student Shout Out social media channels: @uocshoutout
  • Digital screens and posters across our university sites

Please let us know if you have other ideas on how best to alert you on events.

More guidance for assignments

We try to ensure there is regular information in Student Shout Out newsletter each Monday about the support available to you for academic studies. We also post updates on the Shout Out platform.

Please remember that your department or PAT should be able to provide specific guidance regarding your assignments and our Academic Skills team work with students across all levels and on all courses, to develop your confidence in skills such as academic writing, structuring essays, and referencing. We also have dedicated Maths and Statistics Advisers, who can help with numeracy skills, interpreting statistics, and running your own data analysis in different software.

Better promotion of Welcome Week

Welcome week was a great success, but we are always ready to learn how we can improve the promotion of such events. For Welcome Week 2023 we promoted it across a range of platforms including:

  • The Student Shout Out newsletter
  • The Student Shout Out social channels
  • The University social channels
  • Digital screens
  • Portal banner
  • The University app
  • A push notification was sent to all students via the University app a week before Welcome Week
  • It was also mentioned in the Welcome emails all new students received, and it was promoted via the Unibuddy Community site

For the 2024 Welcome Week, we will also consider using additional communications channels such as posters and working closely with academic departments.

More information on places to eat/things to do, on and off of campus

Where possible, we try to promote events off campus and things to do off-campus, however because we are the Student Communications team, our main focus is on the communication of University events, news and services.

We’ll take your feedback into account regarding promoting places to eat/things to do on campus and will incorporate this into future communications strategies!

Better communication from programme teams, particularly if there is long term sickness and delays in results

Clear communications regarding any issues which might disrupt your studies is vital. We’ll work with programme/department teams to ensure they send key communications like this in a timely manner and all necessary information is included.

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