What is the Student Ambassador scheme?

If you’ve heard of the Student Ambassador scheme but have more questions than answers, you’re in the right place. Becoming a Student Ambassador is rewarding, varied and – you might be pleased to hear – paid!

As a Student Ambassador, you represent and promote the University to prospective students showcasing all we have to offer here at Chester. By sharing your knowledge and own experience of life at Chester, you help the next cohort of students to apply to university as prepared as possible.

You can probably remember how choosing the right university can feel overwhelming. This is where Student Ambassadors really step in; by connecting with visitors and answering their queries, you can help make prospective students feel at ease and informed in their university decision making process.

The great thing about the scheme is that not only is it paid, it can also fit flexibly around your studies.

What does a Student Ambassador do?

The role of a Student Ambassador is varied – there’s so much you can get involved in! There are three core aspects: Events, Academic, and Digital.

The main events at the University are Open Days and Applicant Days and during these events Student Ambassadors can lead campus tours, signpost visitors, or provide guided tours of the accommodation options available. There are also smaller events such as campus tour days throughout the year and occasionally even the opportunity to travel to HE fairs across the country!

You could also be supporting academics at these events by acting as a course advocate and sharing your learning experience, taking part in presentations and talks or just generally chatting to prospective students. You can also get involved with our Unibuddy site, where you can answer questions from prospective students from across the world!

If you’re a social media whizz or a dab hand at writing, you can be involved in the digital side of things! From creating informative blogs to TikToks or even Instagram takeovers, there are tonnes of jobs to get involved with from our digital team!

What are the benefits of being a Student Ambassador?

University isn’t just about a degree – it’s about getting involved with new things and building your skills. Being a student ambassador is the perfect opportunity to focus on self-development and employability skills.

Here are some of the superb benefits the role offers:

  • Earn while you learn: Getting paid for everything you do means you can have a bit of extra cash to put towards bills, food or social events!
  • Work flexibly: Work up to 15 hours a week and choose the events you want to work at so they fit around your course deadlines – no stress!
  • Boost your CV: Become instantly more employable by enhancing almost all of your key employability skills including team building, communication and time management. Future employers will see you as reliable and able to handle extra responsibilities on top of your already busy degree, setting you apart from other applicants.
  • Skyrocket your confidence: Speaking to new people in small or large groups becomes so much less daunting and really improves your presentation skills. Stepping out of your comfort zone can really amp up your self-esteem.

How to get involved

If you’re eager to embark upon the Student Ambassador scheme and excited to make an impact on prospective students, we’d love to have you on board! Rest assured we provide training before you start so you feel confident and prepared in your new role.

Please note – recruitment for Student Ambassadors only takes place at certain points throughout the year. Keep an eye on CareerHub for the latest vacancies.

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