Did you know there’s more to your university experience than just attending lectures and completing assignments?  

One vital aspect of your time here is the opportunity to develop your Social Capital.  

What is Social Capital? 

In simple terms, Social Capital relates to the network of relationships and connections you build throughout your time at university, both personally and professionally. It encompasses the people you meet, the bonds you form, and the support you receive. At its core, Social Capital is about nurturing meaningful connections that can have a real impact on your academic and personal growth.  

Why is Social Capital important?  

Building a diverse network of contacts opens doors to a world of opportunities. Your connections can lead to internships, job placements, and invaluable professional advice. Building and fostering relationships with academics, classmates, and industry professionals can also offer fresh insights and perspectives, enriching your educational journey.  

But Social Capital extends beyond setting you up for a job or career. It also plays a vital role in providing emotional and psychological support. University life can sometimes be stressful and uncertain, and having a network of supportive individuals can make all the difference. They can lend an empathetic ear, offer guidance, and be there for you during challenging times. 

How can you build your Social Capital? 

Building your Social Capital doesn’t mean taking on lots of extra work. It’s really all about making the most of the opportunities which are already available to you.  

To build your Social Capital you should embrace the chance to engage with people in your field of study, explore your areas of interest, and venture beyond your comfort zone. The connections you make now will prove to be valuable assets as you navigate your academic and professional path.  

Developing confidence and purposeful skills is another key aspect of your university experience. Being confident in yourself and in your abilities empowers you to approach tasks and challenges with a positive attitude, leading to better performance and success in your studies.  

As you progress, honing key skills such as communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking will not only enhance your academic performance but also make you a competitive candidate in the job market upon graduation.  

Building your Social Capital at the University 

We understand the impact of Social Capital in shaping your university experience and future success.  

We’ve worked with academic staff across the University to build opportunities to develop your Social Capital directly into your course. Throughout the academic year we’ll also be putting on special events to give you dedicated time and space to focus on building your Social Capital. Look out for these on our Events pages, on the Events tile on the UoC app or in the Student Shout Out newsletter (we’ll be marking them with the logo below so they’ll be easy to spot!).   

To explore more resources and find opportunities to connect with others, visit the Social Capital Collection.

There, you’ll find a wealth of materials to read, watch, and listen to, enabling you and empowering you to deepen your understanding of Social Capital and its impact.  


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