Moving out of your student accommodation and feeling a bit stressed? You’re not alone.

It’s completely normal to feel unsettled and overwhelmed because it’s a big transition, but it’s something people do every day and it’s something that can be made easier and less stressful with a bit of forward thinking.

Plan ahead

Leaving everything to the last minute is only going to add to an already stressful situation.

Try and plan ahead as much as you can. Make a list of what you need to do – and try and tackle at least one job a day on the run up to move out day.

Key tasks include completing deep cleans on communal areas like bathrooms, ovens and fridges and making gardens/yards tidy and free of rubbish.

Keep everyone informed

When you move out of any house, there’s lots of people you need to inform. These include:

Don’t forget to also change the default delivery address on your apps so you don’t end up accidentally ordering something to your old address.

Have a sort out

Sort through your room and donate any items which you no longer want which are in good condition to the British Heart Foundation. Just drop your unwanted items to the BHF bins you can find in and around our sites:

  • Exton Park (Grosvenor House/outside Chester Students’ Union)
  • Wheeler building
  • Sumner House
  • Tudor Place (for current residents).

You can also drop off any non-perishable food at CSU or Grosvenor Reception and we’ll donate them to a local food bank.

Check your inventory

Check the inventory you received before you moved in to check for any damage that was already listed. Try and arrange an inspection with your landlord/letting agent a few weeks before you move out so you can identify any work/improvements which need to be completed before you leave to ensure you get your deposit back.

Before you leave, take lots of photos so you have proof of the condition you left your house/room in.

Ask for help

If you are feeling overwhelmed, help is always available. All students have access to our 24/7 Student Assistance Programme.

Call our free 24/7 Student Assistance Programme (SAP) on 0800 0283766 to receive unlimited support on a range of concerns, including in-the-moment crisis support. Through SAP you can also receive six sessions of counselling from a therapist, plus advice on a range of topics including legal, housing, financial, relationship or medical information from qualified advisers. 

If English isn’t your first language, SAP also provides a language line which connects you to an interpreter so you can chat in your preferred language.   

Anxious about talking on the phone? You can access support via Live Chat on the Wisdom app. Free for all students, the Wisdom app provides a Live Chat feature so you can receive virtual support when a Counsellor is online and available.  

On the app you’ll also find lots of useful wellbeing and mental health features, including:  

  • Wellbeing trackers  
  • Mini health checks  
  • Four-week structured health plans  
  • Access to lots of useful videos and podcasts, including yoga workouts, recipe ideas and guided meditation.  

Download it from your app store (App Store, Play Store) and enter the code MHA 146072 to get started. 

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