Moving into a house or flat away from one of our sites? 

One of the key things you need to remember to do is pop your bins out.  

It might sound obvious… but it’s important to learn the Dos and Don’ts because if you get it wrong, you could end up with a fine from your local council: 


  • Put your bin out by 7am on the day of collection. You can check your local timetable here: 
  • Ensure you pop the correct rubbish in the correct bin. You should find more info on this using the links above. 
  • Bring your bin back onto your property as soon as you can after it’s been emptied. Bins can block streets and make it really difficult for wheelchairs, pushchairs and families to get past. 
  • Contact your council if your bin hasn’t been emptied within three days of the allocated day. 
  • Take your rubbish to a local recycling centre if you forget to put your bin out. Details of these should be available on your local council’s website.  
  • Contact your landlord if you feel like you don’t have enough bins. They can arrange for the delivery of more. 
  • Make sure you’re using the correct container to dispose of rubbish. If you live in the Garden Quarter in Chester, please check with your landlord whether you should have a bin and be using it, or if you should be using black binbags only.  


  • Overfill your bin – if you overfill it, the council can refuse to empty it. Similarly, if you pop overflow binbags next to your bin, they will not be collected so please take it to a recycling centre instead.
  • Forget to put it out – most bins are only emptied once every two weeks, so if you forget to put it out, it could be a whole month before it’s emptied. This could lead to issues with things like rats, flies and even maggots! 
  • Let things get unmanageable. If you forget to put your bin out, take it to a recycling centre – don’t let it pile up for weeks. This includes things like cardboard which can also attract rats.  
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