Check out the top tips from the Your Money team on how you can avoid getting scammed: 


Someone might call saying there has been suspicious activity on your account, and they advise moving your money to keep it safe.  

Remember, a bank would never ask you for your full password or pin, or to move money to another account. If you have suspicions about a call, hang up and call the bank using an official number. 

Online Shopping Fraud 

A website says they have high-demand products, but they have no intention of sending them. 

Protect yourself by sticking with websites you trust. If you use a new website, do lots of research to give yourself peace of mind that it’s genuine. 


You might get a text or email saying you have missed a delivery and that you need to pay a fee for redelivery. 

Protect yourself by tracking parcels using the original number you got when it was sent, and never click on links in texts or emails unless you’re sure they’re genuine. 

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