Did you know you can record any volunteering you have taken part in since you have been a student if it was for a charity or non-profit and wasn’t for academic credit? This can include volunteering opportunities based anywhere in the UK (or the world!), whether you found the opportunity through the Volunteer Hub or elsewhere. Please visit the Volunteer Hub for guidance and to get started!

Why should I record my hours?

The University of Chester Volunteering (UCV) Awards encourage you to go the extra mile on your volunteer journey, to reflect on your experience and keep a record of your skills.

We offer six levels of Volunteering Award. These start at the Bronze award level for students who have completed 10 hours of volunteering. Students can then progress through the rest of the Awards: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum+ and Excellence.

As you log hours you will be notified by email when you are eligible to apply for an Award. Find out more by visiting the UCV Awards page on the Volunteer Hub.

Why complete these awards?

  • If you achieve Silver upwards you will receive a certificate for your highest award when you complete your studies.
  • If you achieve Silver upwards you will receive an invitation to our annual ‘Make a Difference’ Celebration event.
  • Recognition of your volunteering on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) of the Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus and Excellence awards (for undergraduate students)
  • Motivation to keep your skills record up to date, which you can download and keep when you complete your studies.

Any questions please email us or book an appointment.

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