Did you know that the university holds its own licenced TEDx event?

For the past six years we have brought some amazing speakers to the stage in a transformed TEDx Studio at Creative Campus Kingsway in Chester.

This year the theme is: TEDxUoChester: Shaping Tomorrow This theme focuses on ideas and approaches which have potential to shape a future for better or worse. The event will invite the audience into a discussion about whether the world is improving in various fields. The goal is to encourage attendees to think critically and creatively to make sense of a changing, challenging and complex world.

There are strictly limited places for tickets as we can only have 100 people at the event. This event is EXCLUSIVELY for University of Chester students. Click here to apply for a ticket. Ticket applications close on 29 January 2024

To find out more and see past talks, please visit www.tedxuochester.com

Be part of the 100!

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