All students are invited to join us for our Nutrition Fair, hosted by students from the Department of Clinical Sciences.

Final year undergraduate students from Nutrition and Exercise, Human Nutrition and Nutrition and Dietetic programmes will be hosting individual stalls to promote and educate on topics like alcohol awareness, sugar consumption, coeliac awareness and much more. 

The students will also be presenting live, offering healthy lifestyle advice, holding interactive games and giving top tips to help encourage people to think about ways they can lead a healthier life.

The stalls include: 

  • Healthy not Hungry – Looking at nutrition on a budget in response to the cost-of-living crisis. 
  • The Brekkie Buddies – The aim of this stall is to learn more about the importance of eating breakfast. 
  • Proteam – Offering alternative and tasty ways of promoting and consuming plant-based sources of protein. 
  • Fuel for fitness – This stall will provide information around the importance of fueling before and after exercising/training to support muscle growth. 
  • Plant Points – Aimed at the student population, this stall will focus on promoting a diet that is good for the gut microbiome. 
  • Going against the grain – This stall aims to increase awareness of coeliac disease in the general public. 
  • Protein Pals – Highlighting the importance of sufficient protein intake for the elderly population in the UK. 
  • Sports Drinks – This stall aims to provide awareness of the appropriate consumption of sports drinks. 
  • Cut the Salt – Providing the facts and information regarding salt intake particularly focused on the pre- and post-menopausal population group. 
  • Alcohol Awareness – This stall will help to make more informed choices about alcohol intake and increase awareness of the dangers of the misuse of alcohol. 
  • Flexitarian – Increasing awareness of the benefits of consuming a flexitarian diet. 
  • The Sugar Babes – This stall aims to raise awareness of the over-consumption of free sugars in the diet. 
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