All students and staff are invited to join our Neurodiversity Student and Staff Support Group.  

Our group ethos is celebrating neurodiversity, with the goal of collecting helpful resources and solutions for the challenges we encounter in our studies and working lives. Our meetings and associated workshops are open to anyone.  

So, whether you’re a neurodivergent genius or don’t know for sure and are curious, or you want to improve your understanding and support neurodivergent students and colleagues, you will always receive a warm welcome.  

If you would like to join our Network or attend a future meeting, you can request to join our Teams channel here.  

Reassurance – All meetings are strictly confidential. Nothing will be shared outside the group unless there is a majority consensus (for example, an agreement on good practice or a process we think could be useful for others). All individual, neurodivergent needs should be respected within this forum at all times. We can and do learn together. 

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