Friends are often the first person that ​we talk to when we are having a difficult time. We can talk to our friends in confidence, and they help us to keep challenges in perspective.

The truth is that although University can be awesome, life’s curveballs still get thrown at us and in these situations, we really need our mates to be there for us.

Friendship can play a key role in helping someone live with or recover from any difficulties they are facing. We know that providing this support isn’t easy. It can be hard to know what to say when a friend is struggling.

That’s why the UK’s student mental health charity, Student Minds, has put together resources and developed an interactive workshop  called ‘Look After Your Mate’.

This workshop will help develop your confidence to support any friends who maybe struggling by introducing you to tips and tools, spotting the signs, starting a conversation, how to support and when to signpost, as well as looking after yourself in the process.

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