This event organised by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Chester, considers the LGBT+ community’s experience of receiving healthcare and also explores, from the point of view of healthcare practice, some of the issues and health inequalities many LGBT+ people still face today.

Debz Butler – Don’t fear the smear: LGBTQ+ people and Gynaecology

No one enjoys a smear test, but with studies showing that uptake is lower amongst the LGBTQ+ population, something needs to change. This discussion addresses differing health needs of the LGBTQ+ community within gynaecology and how those without a cervix can support those who do.

Debz Butler is a Senior Lecturer in Nursing at the University of Chester. She has over 10 years of clinical experience in oncology, including gynaecology oncology. Her research interests include how we meet the needs of oncology patients from under-represented populations and how social media impacts oncology knowledge.

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