Join us for the latest talk in the Health and Wellbeing Research Knowledge and Exchange Institute’s (RKEI) “Cafe Scientifique/Humanitaire” public talk series which will be presented by Professor Simon Grennan.

Synopsis: What new opportunities are created and potential threats posed by technical developments in texts and images generated by artificial intelligence (AI)? Very recent testing of new generative AI against complex tasks, such as essay writing, examinations demanding high levels of expert knowledge and the appearance of bespoke images, appear to question the central status of the human mind, enmeshed in but far exceeding debates about skills, work and labour. In this brief talk, Professor Grennan will point out an underlying constraint upon AI-generated content and provide you with the tools to recognise it and, if you wish, to act upon it.

This event is open to all and there’s no need to book.

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