The Haygarth Public Lecture has been established to celebrate the long tradition of public
health action in Cheshire and is named in honour of the 18th-century Physician, John
Haygarth FRS (1740-1827), who practiced Medicine at Chester Infirmary and has been
described as “Clinical Investigator – Apostle of Sanitation”.

This lecture will be delivered by Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Dr. Chatterjee is regarded as one of the most influential medical doctors in the UK and wants to change how medicine will be practiced for years to come.

With 90% of health complaints related to our collective modern lifestyles, is it time for a new approach to medicine? In this talk, Dr. Chatterjee will outline why it is imperative that doctors understand both the science of ‘lifestyle medicine’ and the practical implications. How do you make personalised recommendations to your patients? How do you help them to create new habits? What happens when they fail? Dr. Chatterjee will address all of these common scenarios in his talk.

He will outline the changes in lifestyle medicine’ over the past decade, some of the common misconceptions and the missing link that needs addressing if we are to see lifestyle medicine become mainstream in clinical practice. He will also walk the audience through case studies that demonstrate just how powerful lifestyle medicine can be when practised in the right way, with the right knowledge. He will also be sharing principles and lessons from the RCGP accredited ‘Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine’ course that he co-created and that has been delivered to thousands of healthcare professionals since 2018. The future of medicine has to have lifestyle medicine at its heart and, by the end of this talk, we will all understand why.

Dr.Chatterjee’s mission is to help 100 million people around the globe live better lives. He is Professor of Health Communication and Education at The University of Chester and hosts the most listened-to health podcast in the UK and Europe, ‘Feel Better, Live More’ – which has received over 200 million listens to date and is listened to and watched by over 8 million people every month. Chris Evans calls ‘Feel Better, Live More’ ‘One of the best podcasts on the planet.’

He is the author of five books, all of which have been Sunday Times Bestsellers in the UK and international bestsellers across the globe and has been featured in numerous international publications including The New York Times , Forbes, The Guardian and Vogue. His TED talk, How To Make Disease Disappear, has been viewed almost six million times. He is the co-creator of the widely acclaimed RCGP accredited ‘Prescribing Lifestyle Course’ which has taught thousands of clinicians how to actually implement ‘lifestyle medicine’ with their patients in busy clinical practice. Dr Chatterjee is known for his ability to simplify complex health advice and find the root cause of people’s health problems – he highlighted his methods in the ground-breaking BBC One television show, Doctor in the House, which has been shown in over 70 countries around the world.

The lectures are a joint collaboration between the University of Chester and the Department of Public Health at Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Tea and coffee will be served from 6pm in the Binks Foyer.

This event will also be available online.

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