Interviews and recruitment technology is more sophisticated than ever before, and a common reason for unsuccessful interviews is using yesterday’s strategies. Employers are constantly updating the way interviews are done with face to face, live online interviews or pre-recorded video interviews. Whether you’re anticipating interviews ahead or have been offered an interview, it’s exciting but can still be quite daunting.

This workshops gives you practical tips on how to prepare for the different techniques employers are using in hiring today. This is suitable for both part time work and full time jobs. You’ll be able to:

  • Identify how to prepare for face to face and virtual interviews, including handling nerves and making your research count
  • Anticipate questions by recognising the difference between strengths based and competency based interviews
  • Know what to say to demonstrate your value and brilliant questions to ask at the end
  • Access tools and support to practice interviews

This session is delivered by Holly McLoughlin, Career Consultant Holly has previously developed graduate recruitment processes for The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers, facilitated graduate assessment centres, and hired people of all ages and backgrounds into organisations. She understands the common pitfalls for interviewees and how to prepare to succeed at job interviews.

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