The menopausal transition is a time of great changes in women and a considerable number will experience so-called menopause symptoms, such as night sweats, hot flushes, and brain fog to name a few. It is lesser known that the physiological changes can also lead to increased health risks, such as cardiometabolic diseases and osteoporosis. Whilst a time of great challenges, this is also a time of great opportunity to make healthy lifestyle changes that will support women (and their families and workplace) during this time and beyond.

Dr Tanja Harrison RNutr is a registered nutritionist and lecturer in the Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition with a special interest in nutrition during the menopausal transition.

The talk will focus on foods, nutrients and nutritional strategies that can help mitigate symptoms and health risks.

Whilst women have the physical experience of menopause, ultimately, all family members and the wider environment are also part of this transition and it is therefore helpful for them to also gain an understanding of lifestyle changes, including nutrition, that are beneficial. And chances are that we can all eat more healthily anyway!

The session is therefore open to everyone who is already or will directly or indirectly be affected by the menopause.

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