Caroline Aldridge is a social worker, educator and author. In this session Caroline will use creative methods to explore using our personal and professional experiences to shape policy and practice.

Caroline will give an overview of her books – He Died Waiting: Learning the Lessons -A Bereaved Mother’s View of Mental Health Services (2020) and They Died Waiting: The Crisis in Mental Health -Stories of Loss and Stories of Hope, that she co-edited with Emma Corlett (2023). She will introduce Wolfensberger’s (2002) concept of ‘deathmaking’ and why practitioners need to be aware of their social position and attitudes before identifying different ways of agitating for change. The session will conclude by looking at the importance of hope and self-care.

An opportunity hear a truly inspiring author and practitioner speak and an opportunity to reflect on creative methods to shape policy and practice.

This session is open to all but will be particularly relevant to students and practitioners with an interest in social work, mental health, or values-based practice.

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