It isn’t often we get the same speaker back the following year but with G we made an exception! Following on from their fantastic session delivered by The Queer Box in 2022, we have G back for a more in-depth look at gender identity, gender expression, biological essentialism and the gender-critical movement.

This session is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of gender, gender diversity and trans awareness.

The session will include:

• What we mean by gender identity, gender expression and the

• words ‘cis’ and ‘trans’

• The differences between sex assigned at birth and biological sex

• Understanding pronouns

• Use of appropriate language

• The transitioning experience

• Microaggressions

• Biological essentialism and the gender-critical movement

• Trans allyship

• Group discussion of potentially challenging scenarios

This content will be delivered using a combination of taught presentation, breakout workshop sessions and group discussion.

G Sabini-Roberts (they/them) is nonbinary, queer and neurodivergent and has been an LGBTQ+ activist, organiser, facilitator, trainer & speaker since 1996. Having also spent several years teaching in HE settings, developing community outreach programmes and training and mentoring in the entrepreneurial sector, they bring a diverse professional skill set to the table alongside their grass-roots queer heritage.

In 2020 they co-founded The Queer Box and have since worked with many organisations, including the NHS, Hollyoaks, and HS2 as well as numerous small business owners, coaches and consultants

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