The North West is a region of forward-thinking companies that are always looking for new ways to reduce our planet’s damaging impact.

Hynet is the perfect example of how collaboration can lead to high impact solutions that will improve the future of our planet.

We’re excited to host this fast-paced gathering that will allow everyone the chance to learn about, appreciate, and embrace the future possibilities that projects like Hynet will bring to our regional communities and economy.

This event is powered by Agent Academy, in partnership with Progressive Energy and hosted by Chester Business School.

During this super interactive event we will:

  • Hear inspiring talks from our region’s brightest talent
  • Learn about innovation happening in the region
  • Discover emerging job roles and green career opportunities
  • Meet and share ideas with like-minded people

We’ve got an exciting programme of activity:

1pm – Arrivals

1.30pm – Welcome Speech

Opening talks by Agent Academy.

1.40pm – Early Career Lightning Talks:

A series of lightning talks, where early careers talent share their insight and experience into, what skills they needed for their role and how technical the role is.

2.15pm – Future Vision – Leadership Q&A:

A panel discussion, facilitated by young people, with questions from the audience about what leaders are doing to drive change.

2.55pm – Innovation Lightning Talks:

A series of lightning talks, sharing insight into innovation and the potential of tech to make a difference on our journey to Net Zero.

3.20pm – Final Words

Final words from organisers and thank you.

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