Student Support

We know that with the cost of living being so high right now, it’s never been a more expensive time to be a student – which is why we’re pleased to announce a number of initiatives we’re bringing in to help to keep you on track financially. 

  • You can purchase a ‘Chef’s Special’ hot value meal for just £1.99. This will be available in all catering outlets which serve hot food between 11.30am and 2.30pm. A vegetarian option will also be available. 
  • Free sandwiches and cakes that are coming to their best before date will be available for all students 30 minutes before catering outlets close. 
  • Co-Op Honest Value range goods are available in the Costcutter shop at Exton Park. 
  • You can collect a free small community tea or coffee from any of our catering outlets. 
  • Between 2.30pm and 3pm any remaining chef prepared meals will be available free to students. Please note: at Exton Park, these meals will be available from the Dining Rooms.  
  • Pick up a free piece of fruit on the last Friday of every month from any of our catering outlets or Chester Students’ Union. 
  • A complimentary slice of toast will be offered with the purchase of a hot drink which will be available in all catering outlets, 8.30am-11am. Please note; this offer is not available with the free community small tea or coffee offer.  ​
  • You can purchase a £1.99 meal pack which includes a cheese or ham sandwich, packet of crisps and a bottle of water from our catering outlets. 

Top money saving tips

Sell things you no longer need. Selling your old no longer needed items is a good way to earn a bit of extra cash – you can even sell some things that you might otherwise throw away like empty toilet roll tubes!

Set a budget. Keeping to a budget can sometimes feel easier said than done – but it makes such a difference when money is tight. Think about what the minimum amount of money you need is for the week and stick to it – any extra money put away in a savings pot.

Get a heated blanket. Heating can be really expensive at the moment – by using a heated blanket instead of putting the radiators on could save you money over the cold months.

Switch your broadband. It’s important to think about bills you can save money on. Broadband prices are actually more competitive than ever this year – so see if you can get a better deal elsewhere.

Buy own-brand food products. It can be tempting to stick with brands you know when food shopping. By shopping only food from the store’s budget range, you can save a fair amount of money.

Use websites that sell reduced or free food. There are some fab apps that can help you save money on food including Too Good To Go – where you can buy food from businesses that would otherwise go to waste at the end of the day.

Have a no spend day. An example of this could be bringing your own lunch to study with, walk or cycle (if possible) instead of getting the bus and cook tea from food that’s in your fridge already instead of ordering in.

If you’re having money worries, head to the Your Money page on Portal for more tips on tackling student life and information on funding that you may be entitled to.

Free Showers

We’re pleased to announce that we offer free hot showers for students to access across our sites!

  • 7am-10pm
  • Daily
  • Fitness Centre Grosvenor House changing rooms – Exton Park, Chester
  • 9am-6pm
  • Daily
  • Kingsway Campus & Queens Park, Chester
  • 7am-10pm
  • Daily
  • Sarah Parker Remond House, Warrington
  • 8am-8pm
  • Monday – Friday
  • The Gym at University Centre Shrewsbury
  • 8am-5.30pm
  • Monday – Friday
  • Ground Floor, Marriss House, University Centre Birkenhead

Postgraduate Research (PGR) student stipend uplift 

Postgraduate Research student? We’re pleased to announce that the University will be matching the UK Research and Innovation Office’s 10% uplift in funding for Postgraduate Research (PGR) students in receipt of an externally funded stipend as part of our cost-of-living initiative.  

This additional funding will be fully covered by the University. All students who have received an uplift to their stipend will have received a letter from Professor Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation Professor Paul Bissell with further information. 

Meal deals & Free cake Thursdays

Studying at University Centre Warrington (UCW) or University Centre Birkenhead (UCB)?

We understand it might be costing a little bit more to do the things you like at the moment so we’re pleased to announce some new cost-of-living initiatives from our Catering team:

UCW is now supplying a £3.99 meal deal which consists of a sandwich, drink, crisps or fruit.

UCB is also offering free tea/coffees and is also doing free cake Thursdays.

Student Assistance Programme (SAP) – cost-of-living advice!

In addition to offering wellbeing support, our Student Assistance Programme (SAP) can also offer help and advice on a range of issues related to cost-of-living.
You can chat to a qualified advisor about a range of topics including:
• Consumer rights
• Buying or renting a property
• Budgeting
• Debt management plans
• Benefits and grants
• Mortgage advice
Call SAP for free on 0800 0283766 at any time, day or night – or visit Portal for more info.

CWaC Cost of Living Support Newsletter

Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) is launching a new e-newsletter to support residents through the cost of living crisis.

In the newsletter, you’ll find lots of helpful information about the schemes available to help with essential costs, such as food and heating fuel, and other support that you might be eligible for.

The first edition is due to launch in January 2023.

Sign up here.

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