A UK general election will take place on Thursday 4 July to decide on the country’s new Prime Minister. 

To be eligible to cast your vote, you must: 

1. Be registered to vote 

The deadline to register is Tuesday 18 June. Find out if you’re eligible to vote here.  

As a student, you can register to vote at both your term-time and home address, but you can only vote in one location.  

If you don’t think you’ll be able to vote in-person, you can also apply for a postal vote (deadline – 5pm, Wednesday 19 June) or you can apply for someone you trust to vote on your behalf – this is known as a proxy vote (deadline – 5pm, Wednesday 26 June).  

2. Have valid photo ID 

A valid photo ID can include your passport or driving licence. You can find all forms of accepted photo ID here

If you don’t have any of those forms of photo ID, you can either: 

A: Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (deadline – 5pm, Wednesday 26 June) 

B: Register for a free CitizenCard on the NUS website which you can use in England, Wales and Scotland (deadline – Thursday 20 June).  

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