We know lots of you choose to cycle to our sites so we just wanted to share some quick tips from Cheshire Police to help you keep your bike safe and secure when not in use, and some things you can do to make it easier to get your bike back safely if it gets targeted by thieves.

  1. Always attach your bike to a solid object using a solid bike lock – don’t attach your bike to a plastic drainpipe which a thief could shatter or a signpost which the thief could lift your bike over.
  2. Lock your wheels and the frame together using steel wire loops.
  3. Try and keep the gap between the bike and the lock small so it’s harder to insert tools which can break the lock.
  4. Where possible keep the locking barrel facing the ground to make it harder to access.
  5. Consider using two different types of locks to deter thieves.
  6. Most bikes have a frame number stamped on the frame – register your bike for free on Immobilise and enter this number as an identifiable mark.
  7. If your bike gets stolen, you can also use Immobilise to notify the Police and second-hand dealers – if someone tries to sell your bike after it’s been stolen, this system can help to prove the bike belongs to you.
  8. At home, where possible, try and keep your bike in a secure location out of sight.
  9. Check out the guide from Cheshire Police below regarding the best types of locks for your sheds/outbuildings (page 2).

Have additional questions/concerns? Contact our local PC Dan Pheasey – Dan.Pheasey@cheshire.police.uk

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