We’re pleased to announce that our Estates and Facilities Team are working incredibly hard to renovate Seaborne Library at Exton Park ready for the upcoming academic term!

The Upper Ground Floor is being transformed with a contemporary library InfoPoint, private work and collaboration spaces, social zones, seminar suites, podcast and video lounges, Teams rooms and group study spaces.

This technology-rich environment supports all forms of study, whether you’re dropping by before a lecture, collaborating with your course mates, or spending a day getting ahead on assignments.

The social zones will provide a warm and welcome retreat to relax, meet with friends, or grab a book from the library’s extensive reading collection.

Be sure to visit this incredible space during Welcome Week to explore everything the space has to offer!

We can also confirm that the Postgraduate Study Space in Seaborne has been relocated to provide a larger and improved combination of facilities including a brand-new kitchen. The space is located on the ground floor and will be an ideal site to pause for a well-deserved break or catch up with friends. Students now have access to a water boiler, microwave, and dishwasher as well as the nearby vending area which provides a tasty array of snacks and beverages.

Print Unit

The Print Unit has now been relocated to the ground floor of Seaborne. Please ask at the Seaborne HelpDesk (now located in the Lower Hub) for directions/access.

Main entrance closure

​​From Thursday 6 July the main entrance to Seaborne Library will be closed as part of the refurbishment work.

The Library will remain open 24/7, including weekends, throughout the work and access can be gained:

Via the Lower Hub entrance (located off the side path between Molloy and Seaborne):

  • ​Monday and Tuesday: 9am-5.30pm
  • Wednesday: 9am-8pm
  • Thursday and Friday: 9am-5.30pm

Outside of the hours listed above and at weekends, please use the 24/7 entrance to the side of Seaborne.

​As part of the work, the Help Desk has also temporarily relocated to the Lower Hub area. 

PG Study Space

The majority of work on the PG space in Seaborne has been completed. Click here to find out more.

What is happening in the library?

  • The Seaborne library is undergoing some transformational work to improve and upgrade the facilities for users. 
  • This initial phase of work will involve the total refurbishment of the upstairs entrance area, including Learning Space 1 and 2 and the offices up to the Reading Room.
  • Downstairs, it includes the relocation of the Postgraduate space from its current room to the Purple Zone of the library. Work will take place to redesign the area and will include a breakout / kitchen area.
  • The café will be closed over summer and the vending area is relocating within the lower hub.
  • The Print Unit will move from Astbury to Seaborne library.
  • We are looking to improve the WiFi network as part of the work.

Why is this happening?

We have received some funding to enable us to upgrade the facilities in Seaborne.  A recent space survey has helped identify that developments to the social and individual study spaces were needed, which will give students a much improved study and social environment.

What are the timescales?

  • Work has already begun on creating the new Postgraduate space. The actual relocation will take place on the 24 and 25 June, ready for opening on Monday 26 June.  The existing space will be closed over this weekend but study facilities will be available in Margaret House (opposite Seaborne). 
  • The vending area will be up and running in its new location over the next few days.
  • Work on the entrance floor is likely to start at the beginning of July and run until the beginning of the new term in September.  During this period, the main entrance area will be inaccessible.  The Helpdesk will relocate to the lower hub at the end of June, and will be accessible via the doors between Molloy and Seaborne.  The side entrance 24/7 doors will remain in use during this time.

What areas of the library will be available to me whilst the works are happening?

  • The Library will remain open, except for the entrance floor up to the Reading Room doors.
  • The reference books in the Reading Room will be relocated and the start of the oversize collection will be integrated into the rest of the upstairs oversize collection.
  • Fixed PCs will be relocated to other areas of the building, including the study area in the downstairs book collection, the quiet areas and the rear of the Reading Room overlooking the canal. Catherine House, Alexandra House and Margaret House are available as alternatives, as is the LIS Lab in CWE013.
  • The lift will remain in use for the whole period of the works. 
  • The water fountain will be relocated; please use the one in Binks during the building work.
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