Study at University Centre Shrewsbury (UCS)? We’re pleased to announce that you now have a FREE Active Zone at UCS! 

Located on the lower ground/car park level, our new Shrewsbury Active Zone is the ideal way to stay fit before, between or after lectures and features: 

  • a treadmill 
  • a bike 
  • an elliptical 
  •  a rowing machine 
  • a chest press 
  • a cable machine 
  • a rear delt row 
  • a leg press 
  • a leg extension/leg curl  
  • small barbells 
  • kettlebells 
  • mats. 

The Zone is open 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday.  

The Suite is accessible with your student card – and you’ll need to scan in every time you use the space. Register to use the space on Portal here (select University Centre Shrewsbury on the form). 

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