17 November marks the global celebration of International Students’ Day.

On 17 November 1939, nine students and lecturers were executed in Prague after campaigning for an independent Czechoslovak Republic during World War II. As a response to student demonstrations, the Nazi party shut down all Czech education institutions, denying students their right to receive not just an education, but an opportunity for networking, socialising, and personal growth.

Now, International Students’ Day provides us with an annual opportunity to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of university campuses around the world. At the University of Chester, our student community is proudly diverse and multicultural, with students from countries including Nigeria, India, Norway, Ukraine, and the US contributing to our large and thriving multicultural campus.

We want to encourage our students to consider how their education has been enhanced through interacting with students from different cultures on campus, in seminars, and socially outside of the classroom. A diverse and well-connected campus provides the opportunity to hear new perspectives and learn about new cultures, whether over a cup of coffee at the Community Hub, or a night out at our on-campus bar.

Our Student Experience team work with international students throughout their time at the University to help them get the most out of their university experience. This might involve volunteering, joining clubs and societies, trying new sports, or experiencing life in Chester, Shrewsbury, or Warrington.

The University’s International Society also puts on regular events for both international and home students, having recently hosted a games night and a collaboration event with the Marvel Society to discuss diversity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And Chester Student’s Union’s (CSU) Cultural Heritage Network and Postgraduate Network provide opportunities for students to observe large events, like the recent celebration of Nigerian Independence Day.

Whether you’re a home or international student, we hope you will join us in the consideration and celebration of what it means to be part of a rich and diverse community here at the University of Chester.

If you have any thoughts or experiences you would like to share, get in touch through studentexperience@chester.ac.uk.

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