We know that with the cost of living being so high right now, it’s never been a more expensive time to be a student – which is why we’re pleased to announce a number of initiatives we’re bringing in to help to keep you on track financially. 

  • You can now collect a free community tea or coffee from any of our catering outlets all day. Please bring a reusable cup or join the University cup scheme. 

  • A complimentary slice of toast will be offered with all hot drinks, which will be available in all catering outlets excluding Residential Dining Rooms and Seabourne Library, 8.30am-11am.

  • Hydration Pack: The Varsity Bar will also be serving free community teas and coffees as well as water and cordials

  • Too Good to Throw: Between 2.30pm and 3pm any remaining chef prepared meals will be available free to students (Please note when it is gone it is gone). 

  • Sandwiches and cakes that are coming to their best before date will be moved to the community fridge in the Sustainability Shop at Exton Park half an hour before catering outlets close. 

  • Homemade soup – Catering will provide homemade soup each day for 50p. This will be offered in all catering outlets excluding Seaborne Library and Residential Dining Rooms. Served 11.30am-2.30pm 

  • Essential meal pack – Purchase a £1.99 meal pack which includes a cheese or ham sandwich, packet of crisps and bottle of water from our catering outlets. 

  • Fruity Fridays: Pick up a free piece of fruit on the last Friday of every month from any of our catering outlets or Chester Students’ Union. 

  • We now stock the Co-Op Honest Value Range in our Costcutter store at Exton Park which gives you access to great items at a low-cost price. 

Chester Students’ Union is also working hard on its own initiatives to support you with the cost-of-living crisis. Keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook feeds for more info.  

We’ll be bringing you news of further initiatives we’re running across the University in Student Shout Out in the coming weeks. 

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