Jess, your Disabled Students Rep, is launching the ‘I AM’ campaign to encourage disability disclosures at the University.

This campaign to encourage disability disclosures celebrates all the different parts of an individual and showcases that, with the implementation of reasonable adjustments and support, disabled students can have an amazing experience and achieve their goals at university.

There are lots of reasons why students might choose not to disclose their disability and can range from not being aware of the support services available at the University of Chester, all the way to not really understanding what support they might need. This leads to students struggling academically but also finding it difficult to navigate student life as a whole. This campaign aims to tackle exactly that!

We particularly welcome disabled students from Black, Asian, and other ethnic minority or international backgrounds to take part in this campaign. We acknowledge the cultural barriers such as stigma, prejudice, and discrimination these communities face and want to provide a platform to amplify these voices. We believe disclosing a disability at university should be liberating and a way for all disabled students to access support, regardless of their background.

To get involved, please answer this questionnaire where we’ll take information to put on our website, socials, and awareness posters around campus

Once you’ve completed this, we’ll get in touch to arrange a time to take photos that we can use for this campaign.

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