The Chester Difference Award (CDA) is the University’s skills award which recognises the wide range of employability-enhancing activities that you undertake whilst studying at the University of Chester. You can develop a tailored program to:

  • Articulate your skills.
  • Develop techniques to showcase skills and experiences to future employers.
  • Progress your career thinking.
  • Understand the recruitment process.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Build and grow your network.
  • Become a student with a difference. 

Interested in learning more? Click here to find out more about the CDA 

Changes to the CDA 2023:

You asked, we listened!

After listening to student feedback for the CDA process, we have now made the following changes to make it more user-friendly:

  • CDA Homepage:

We now have a dedicated homepage to the CDA. You will find everything you need and more on the homepage to find out more about the CDA and also to complete a level of the award.

  • Logging Activities:

We have now made it easier for you to log your activities on  the CDA progress page! Now, you will log your activities in the section you wish to complete, making it more streamlined and keeping everything in one place.

  • CDA Sections:

We have added in a new section which focuses on your Research Skills – meaning you can use an academic research activity towards a section!. This could include writing a literature review, undertaking semi-structured interviews for your dissertation or taking part in someone else’s research project/study.

We have changed the name of the ‘Creative Thinking’ section to ‘Problem Solving’.

  • Progress Page Messages

Your CDA progress page will now have automated information messages during certain periods. This will contain out of office messages and the CDA deadline for the invitation to the celebration event.

  • Auto-Enrol:

We have now removed the option to register for the CDA. As a result, new students will now be automatically registered to the CDA!

Upcoming CDA Events:

Chester Difference Award Induction

The Chester Difference Award (CDA) induction session will answer the following.

  • What is the CDA?
  • Benefits of the CDA
  • How do I complete the CDA?
  • Any questions you may have about the award.

Click on the links to register to attend one of our induction sessions coming up this month. You can choose from the following dates below:

  1. Wednesday 27 September, 12pm-1pm
  2. Thursday 28 September, 12pm-1pm

If you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of the CDA Team –  

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