The ACH1EVE Fund is now open for applications

We’re pleased to announce that our ACH1EVE Fund is now open for applications from all students, societies, teams and recent graduates (graduates of up to two years are welcome to apply).

You can apply for funding from £500 up to £2000 for an opportunity to enhance your development, and to help you grow your skills, expertise and connections to successfully navigate your future.

You could apply for funding for a range of opportunities, including:

  • a trip to a national conference for a teaching student
  • contributing towards a local community sustainability project
  • showcasing your work/expertise in a national competition or concert.

This fund is all about helping you to achieve your potential – whether that be through excelling in sport, realising an academic ambition, or responding to a need in the communities that surround us. And the best bit? You don’t need to pay it back!

Apply today and ACH1EVE more than ever before. Find out more:

The ACH1EVE Fund is open for applications throughout the year, however, applications will be reviewed in October, February and May. If successful, projects must take place at least six weeks after these review points to allow time to transfer funds.

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